The Aurora Group Board at the 2019 Aurora Ball

The Aurora Group is a charity, raising funds to disburse to LGBTIQ community organisations. Aurora exists so people can support a broad range of projects responding to the coalface needs of our community. We are the organisation people choose when they want their money to benefit the little groups doing big things.

Aurora organises unique events of celebration. These events, such as the Annual Ball celebrating International Stonewall Day, are important fundraisers that also bring fun, glamour and joy to our community.

The Aurora Group raises funds through our events, giving and patronage programs.

Aurora’s history

The Aurora Group – A Ruby Foundation Limited was incorporated in 1999 by a group of friends who shared a common history of extensive involvement in many community organisations. Seeking to bridge the gap in the funding and support available to smaller organisations servicing the LGBTIQ community, our Founders came together to raise funds, and have fun while doing it.

It’s a simple remit, and we’ve held true to this aim ever since.

Aurora’s Aims

  • To raise and disburse funds for charitable works and causes which promote, provide or carry out activities, facilities or projects for the benefit or welfare of the lesbian, gay and transgender communities or any members of these communities who have a particular need by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances;
  • To organise, promote and sponsor events, exhibitions, forums and other activities which raise funds for disbursement, and which bring people together in a spirit of companionship, fun, sharing and giving for philanthropic purposes;
  • To receive donations, grants and bequests from persons and institutions including governments for disbursement;
  • To promote and provide education for young lesbians, gay men and transgender people through various strategies and particularly through role modelling, leadership and philanthropic acts in the community; and
  • To undertake to meet these objectives in a spirit of joy, celebration and fun.

Supporting Aurora means you join us in our commitment to raise funds through events that engage and celebrate the LGBTIQ community while empowering grass roots organisations to have the capacity to maximise their outreach and impact and ensure their projects are successfully realised.