Interested in applying for a Volunteer Position?

Aurora is growing.

We’ve got some big plans – more events and continued growth of our grant giving and support programs. We also have some great ideas and initiatives that we want to start over the next few years to come. We’re nearing our 20th anniversary and we have some exciting things in store – and we’re going to need help!

We’re looking for a number of talented and hardworking people to join us! If you want to be involved, if you have the time, the passion and the dedication to work with us to build Aurora and increase our capacity to support our community, carry on reading and let us know what you’re interested in!

Even if you don’t see a position that’s an exact match for your skills today, get in touch with! We’re always keen to have your CV and name on file in the event a new opportunity arises.

Please reach out and express your interest!